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Our waistbands & we love em

Posted on 25 September 2019

Here at Pink Punk, we love to get high, like really high.

When it comes to waistbands that is...

BUT there are different kids of highs, and we think we have NAILED the perfect "high" waistband. If you don't have a pair of our Punks yet, heres a few facts you might not know about why I designed our waistbands the way I have. 

So if you're keen for some ultimate tummy support, comfort during movement & or have had a caesarean and want that scar tissue area firmly secured while working out ( I can personally vouch how many years that area can feel weak for! ) Then get a pair of Punks on ya butt, or should we say belly...


If you have any questions about Pink Punk products email us: hello@pinkpunkactive.com- Tarah xx 


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