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We design all of our Activewear and it is printed, cut and sewn locally. We also have our own small sewing factory, but in order to free up our time for design, customer service and fulfilling orders, most of our bulk batches move through the hands of trusted local businesses that specialise in activewear production, and whom we have worked with for many years. 

Here is some handy information about our make to order process to help you understand how your items are being made, who is involved and the timeframes it can take.

All items made to order have a 2-5 week turnaround time, here's why;

  • We have lots of make-to order & custom orders come through constantly, so we gather them up every 2-3 days, and put the wheels in motion in batches.
  • PRINTING. If your item is a re-make of a currently stocked PRINTED item, we will wait 2-3 days for orders to build up then send a printing job off to our local fabric printers. They will freshly print up a batch of our requested designs. This takes about a week as there is usually several customer orders plus our own re-stock work in the printing batch.

* We don't keep bolts of fabric on hand with the patterns pre-printed onto them. While this would slightly speed up the process, we are meticulous in making sure the placement of your print is flattering in all areas, logos are placed correctly, and size labels are digital for comfort. It also eliminates as much wastage as possible or our precious earth.

  • If your item is in a PLAIN coloured fabric - we cut it our from fabric bolts held on hand at the studio. While we usually have the various screen printed panels on hand, pre-printed, occasionally we may need to send part of your item off to be screen printed. That is why the same timeframe applies to both plain and printed items.
  • CUSTOMISED ORDERS. If you have ordered a custom item, and it includes something special like a logo, text, an adjustment, or is in an old retired print etc., there may be some digital work involved and some communication with you to confirm it is correct. This is all done by head designer, Tara and therefore may add a few extra days to your order.
  • CUTTING. The printed items are cut by HAND by our own staff in house or by a local lycra - specialised cutting contractor depending on our schedule and workload. Cutting all the orders off a bolt of fabric takes around 2-5 days.
  • SEWING. Once your item is cut out, we send the batch to our local sewing contractor. We have to take some time to make sure each item has correct instructions, so it can take us 1-2 days to prepare the full sewing batch. Once received, the sewers get to work. These ladies are amazing and work exclusively with us. They know our high standards, and have years of activewear construction experience. While at sewing, the items are grouped into colours, as the industrial machines take some time and adjustment when changing thread colours, we sew in batches according to the garments required thread colours.

Completing the full batch of sewing takes around 5-10 days. 

The items are then sent back to us to check, organise and send to you.

We hope this helps you to understand our process. It's a LOT of work being 100% Australian made, but the reward of beautifully hand crafted, unique activewear is worth it.

PROGRESS ENQUIRIES: If you send us an enquiry asking for a progress update after placing a MADE TO ORDER item, please kindly allow us 2-3 days to reply as we may need to touch base with our manufacturing parters in order to come back to you with accurate information on the whereabouts of you item within a batch :) Please know that our process is to leave your message "flagged and unread" while we find out more so we don't forget to respond.

DEADLINES: IF you want something made to order, but have a deadline, please feel free to ask us beforehand about expected timeframes, as depending on the timing of your order and our current workload, we can usually estimate within a few days.

Email us: hello@pinkpunkactive.com



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