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The D-L on How We Roll

Hey there Punk! If you’ve just discovered us, welcome!

Here’s a few tips on how we roll:

To state, the obvious, we make awesome Activewear & Swimwear, and it’s all designed from scratch then cut, sewn and sent to you by our own small team of staff & local contractors who help us.

We are based on the Gold Coast, QLD, but we ship Punks all over the world. 

While shopping our website, you’ll notice that our products say IN STOCK NOW or MADE TO ORDER before you add them to cart.  

Why? You ask…

Excellent question Punk. This is because when we release one of our new  & always limited designs, it sells out FAST.

Due to demand (or maybe something closer to pressure) from our loyal Punks, we allow sizes that have sold out to be ordered and made up for you while the print remains a current part of our collection. 

There’s up to a 4 week turn around for this– but if you ask around, it's worth the wait. 

If it says ”IN STOCK NOW” – Tickety boom, it’s here on hand and you’ll be Punked in 2-3 days.

Soooo.... why don’t you just make more? You ask...

You are an inquisitive new Punk aren’t you?

Yet, another good question. We actually make a fairly large batch for each new release, but we absolutely HATE wastage, we do not want to contribute to the growing world of “fast fashion” & our pieces are hand-constructed with a lot of care and attention.

We also prefer keeping our team small & trusty & we don’t have (or want) a massive factory to push our prices up.

We believe Punks are not something that should be mass produced, and thanks to this they hold amazing re-sale value.

Ok. Ready to feast your eyes on stretchy things? We thought so.

Shop our range of ethically made Women's & Mini Punks: 

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